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All slides should be uploaded to the teaching website (STI) both in PDF (4 slides on a page) and PPT

1. Please use the Structures of slides

2. Per lecture we need a minimum of 40 *real* slides (not just images etc.).

3. Please add a detailed description in the "Notes" part of the slides (if a slide is not self explanatory - i.e. there is enough text and this text is easy to understand). The slides must be designed such that the students can use them to study! Ensure that you do not have too many picture-only slides and if so, please add appropriate descriptions for each slide.

4. Add references! When you take images, pictures, graphics, text etc. from other slides: cite them!

5. Add bibliography in the end of each slide set: each lecture should be accompagnied with references in the end of the lecture. Also add Wikipedia references!

6. Put your name on the first slide (additionally to the lecturers name)

7. Agenda: an agenda should be in the beginning of each slide set; the lecture should be structured according to that agenda.